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The best and worst skin care advice

There is so much skin care advice out there that it can often be hard to tell which to listen to and which to ignore. And when it comes to skin care, this often varies depending on skin type, colour and personal preference.

But there are some tips that are universal, no matter what your complexion may look like. So we went ahead and asked some of the industry’s best skin care experts what one piece of skin care advice we should heed.

The best skin care advice

“Use sunscreen all year round. Ageing of the skin is directly related to the amount of sun exposure you get throughout your life, not to mention, the development of skin cancers. Use an SPF sunscreen not only on your face, but also to your neck and to the backs of your hands. These are the areas that show skin ageing such as pigmented spots, and wrinkling.” – Dr Li-Chuen Wong, Consultant dermatologist, Sydney Skin, Newtown

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“Keep it simple – do not over cleanse or exfoliate the skin and most of all keep your skin moisturised.” – Marie Jenkins, founder of Kosmea

“Wear an SPF15 and above every day. UV is one of the biggest causes of premature ageing, applying an SPF15 and above is a daily must rain, hail or shine!” –Dennille Ludenau, Corporate Training Manager, The International Dermal Institute

“Always wear a night cream! Your skin rejuvenates itself up to three times as fast overnight, so a good night cream or serum can make all the difference to what we look like when we wake up in the morning.” – Irene Falcone, founder of toxin-free beauty e-tailer

The worst skin care advice

“That the more expensive the skin care product, the more effective it is. This is utter rubbish. The most expensive, most advertised product is not necessarily the best. Look for products that contain active ingredients that have a proven record of efficacy.”  – Dr Li-Chuen Wong, Consultant dermatologist, Sydney Skin, Newtown

“Exfoliate every day to prevent dryness.” (You should only exfoliate at most twice a week) – Tarj Mavi, founder of certified organic skincare brand La Mav

“That to get rid of acne you should use harsh exfoliating gloves [normally used on the body] with soap and scrub away your pimples. Exfoliating body gloves are harsh and will take the top off the breakout, plus increase the risk of spreading the infection and soap will only strip the skin making it worse.  Using a non-abrasive chemical exfoliant is the best way to exfoliate an acne skin.”- Dennille Ludenau, Corporate Training Manager, The International Dermal Institute

“That soap and water is all you need! This is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Apart from stinging the eyes, the PH level in soap strips the skin, drying it out and often leaving it itchy and flaking.  Skin needs a well-tailored, high quality routine; basic soap and water is definitely not a good idea.” – Irene Falcone, founder of toxin-free beauty e-tailer