How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time in bed by Naura Hayden


How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time in bed by Naura Hayden



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How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time by  in bed Naura Hayden

Before writing her immensely popular guide to satisfying women in bed, Naura Hayden interviewed close to 500 women and discovered that all of them had faced an orgasm during sex at some point in their lives, and that 60% of them faked orgasm every time they had sex. What these women need is not another fancy sex manual full of complicated positions, she thought, but a simple, straightforward book written by a woman, for men, explaining why their partners are faking orgasms, and what to do about it.

Hayden matter-of-factly explores many of the myths men tend to believe about what a woman really wants in bed. She explains what turns women off, what turns them on, and gives explicit, foolproof instructions any man can follow on how to give his partner earth-shattering orgasms during intercourse every time. Hayden also discusses the importance of love and commitment in sexual relationships, marriage, romantic fantasies, and the sexually energizing benefits of good health. A more practical, no-nonsense guide to the secrets of giving and receiving sexual pleasure has yet to be written.

A friend recommended this book to her 18 year old son when he started asking “those” questions. I was intrigued so I purchased a copy that evening. As I read, pieces started to fall into place. At that time I was estranged from my wife, we both very obviously cared deeply for one another but something was missing. This book helped me put a name to that something and put things into perspective for me. The next day i went to my wife and had a long productive conversation with her and we set up a “date night”. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Thank you for opening my eyes and getting my love back on track.