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Kate Dickinson Sweetser

Kate Dickinson Sweetser (died 1939) was an American author of juvenile fiction and compilations, cousin of the famous poet, Emily Dickinson. Sweetser had a passion for writing about influential figures in history, as in her collections, Ten Boys from History (1910), Ten American Girls from History (1917), Ten Boys from Dickens (1901), and Ten Girls from Dickens (1902). We feature several of her stories in our collection of American Biographies for Kids.

Short Stories

  • Cofachiqui: An Indian Princess of Historic Legend
  • Elizabeth Van Lew: The Girl That Risked All That Slavery Might be Abolished
  • Jeanne d’ Arc: The Maid of France
  • Joan of Arc
  • Molly Pitcher: The Brave Gunner of the Battle of Monmouth
  • Mozart: The Boy Musician
  • Pocahontas: The Indian Girl of the Virginia Forest
  • Victoria: A Girl Queen of England