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Grace James

Grace James (1864 – 1930) was a writer of children’s literature and a Japanese folklorist.We feature her work in our Favorite Fairy Tales for ages 13 to adult.
The beautiful illustrations for Japanese Fairy Tales were done by Warwick Goble. Selecting a thumbnail will bring you to the illustrated Fairy Tale.

Fairy Tales

  • A Legend of Kwannon
  • Broken Images
  • Flower of the Peony
  • Green Willow
  • Hana-Saka-JiJi
  • Horaizan
  • Karma
  • Momotaro
  • Reflections
  • Tamamo, The Fox Maiden
  • The Beautiful Dancer of Yedo
  • The Bell of the Dojoji
  • The Black Bowl
  • The Cold Lady
  • The Espousal of the Rat’s Daughter
  • The Fire Quest
  • The Flute
  • The Good Thunder
  • The Jelly-Fish Takes a Journey
  • The Land of Yomi
  • The Maiden of Unai
  • The Mallet
  • The Matsuyama Mirror
  • The Moon Maiden
  • The Nurse
  • The Peony Lantern
  • The Robe of Feathers
  • The Sad Story of the Yaoya’s Daughter
  • The Sea King and the Magic Jewels
  • The Singing Bird of Heaven
  • The Spring Lover and the Autumn Lover
  • The Star Lovers
  • The Story of Susa, The Impetuous
  • The Strange Story of the Golden Comb
  • The Tea-Kettle
  • The Tongue-Cut Sparrow
  • The Wind in the Pine Tree
  • Urashima